How to Increase Your Chance of having a Baby Girl

The Science of Getting Pregnant

You may think you know all there is to know about how pregnancy actually happens but you might be wrong. In fact, a majority of people are mistaken about what exactly happens for pregnancy to occur. Sure, everyone knows that the man’s sperm has to enter the woman’s egg, but beyond that there is some confusion.


And since it’s important to know the facts in order to understand the rest of this article (and how to increase your chances of conceiving a child of the gender of your choice) let’s take a quick look on how conception actually happens. First of all, a woman has to ovulate in order to get pregnant. Ovulation is when one of the two ovaries in a woman produces at least one egg (and usually only one egg) that then has to be fertilized by a man’s sperm. If an egg is fertilized then pregnancy is the result.


Many people wrongly believe that pregnancy usually or only occurs if intercourse happens during ovulation. In fact, this isn’t true. Chances of conceiving are actually the best when having intercourse 1-5 days before ovulation. Once the actually ovulation occurs, there’s only about a twelve hour window (sometimes the window is as large as twenty-four hours) until the egg can no longer be fertilized. Since sperm can live in the woman’s body for up to 5 days, it’s best to have intercourse well before ovulation occurs. And it’s actually when you have intercourse – hoe long before ovulation or during ovulation - that can help determine whether you conceive a boy or a girl.

The Science of Conceiving a Boy or a Girl

What gender of baby you have is determined totally by the father. All the eggs produced by the woman have the “X” chromosome. Therefore, the gender of the baby is in no way determined by the mother. The gender of the baby is actually determined by whether the egg is fertilized with sperm containing the “Y” chromosome or by sperm containing the “X” chromosome. The sperm containing the “Y” chromosome are said to be “male” sperm while the sperm containing the “X” chromosome are said to be “female” sperm.


So when the male sperm (sperm with the “Y” chromosome) fertilizes the egg then a boy is the result. When the female sperm (sperm with the “X” chromosome) fertilizes the egg then a girl is the result. The male and female sperm are also different in the way they move and the way they are built. The male sperm tend to be smaller, lighter, quicker, and more fragile. Conversely, the female sperm tend to be larger, heavier, slower, and tougher. Knowing the differences between male and female sperm means that you can time when you have intercourse and plan how you have intercourse to help the chances of either the male or female sperm fertilizing the egg.

Eating the Proper Foods


Studies over the last several years have shown that what you eat can actually affect what type of sperm (male or female) a woman’s egg attracts. So depending on what you eat your egg could either attract sperm that will cause you to conceive a boy or your egg could attract sperm that would cause you to conceive a girl. Let’s take a look at the types of food you should eat depending whether you wish to conceive a boy or a girl.

Foods to Eat to Conceive a Girl

In order to greatly increase your chances of conceiving a girl, you (the woman) should eat plenty of foods that contain calcium and/or magnesium. Once again, you should begin this diet at least six weeks before you plan to conceive your baby girl.
Here are some foods high in calcium:
● Vegetables – bok choy, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, collard greens, kale, mustard greens, turnip greens, and white beans.
● Diary products – American cheese, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, ice cream, pudding, and yogurt.
● Orange juice (especially fortified orange juice)
● Tofu (if processed with calcium sulfate)

Here are some foods rich in magnesium:
● Buckwheat flour
● Raw oat bran
● Wheat Flour
● Dairy – canned condensed milk, low fat yogurt
● Unsalted nuts – almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, pine, nuts
● Beans – black, navy, white
● Artichokes



Sexual Positions to Help Conceive a Girl
Just as we know about the male sperm, we also know about the female sperm. We know that the female sperm is bigger, heavier, slower, and tougher. So you want to take advantage of the female sperm being slower and tougher in order to increase your chances of conceiving a girl. Instead of trying to get the sperm ejaculated above the neck of the cervix, you want to ejaculate the sperm at the mouth of the cervix. In other words, you only want shallow penetration. This will cause the sperm to need to travel farther to fertilize the egg and will give the female sperm a much better chance of surviving all the way to fertilize the egg.

Two Sexual Positions for Shallow Penetration


Again, when trying to conceive a girl, you want to force the sperm to travel as far as possible. Therefore, you only want shallow penetration by the penis. Two positions that will give you shallow penetration are “the missionary position” and “the spooning position”. “The missionary position” is the “traditional” way of having sex. It’s done with the woman lying on her back and the man being above her, facing the same way as her. The man can either hold himself up on his hands or elbows or he can rest his weight on the woman.

Though “the missionary position” lends itself to shallower penetration, the man still has to be careful not to thrust inward as he ejaculates. Remember, the goal is to have the sperm deposited as close to the mouth of the cervix as possible. Therefore, the man should pull back slightly as he ejaculates. Obviously the man doesn’t want to pull out all together. However, given the choice of accidentally pulling out completely or ejaculating deep inside the cervix, pulling out completely would be best. After all, it would just mean you have try all over again. And there’s nothing bad about that!

The second position that involves shallow penetration is “the spooning position”. “Spooning” is done by the woman lying on her side and the man lying beside her with his front pressed to her back. Obviously with this position the penis will be entering the vagina from behind. By the nature of this position, it will be tough for the penis to be thrust deep into the woman and therefore the sperm will almost certainly be ejaculated at the mouth of the cervix.

“The spoon position” also lends itself to slow, sensual love making. So take your time and enjoy yourself with this position. Not only will it be great at the time but it will also be great practice for when you’re pregnant. (Many women prefer this position for making love when they are in their third trimester of pregnancy.)

Sorry! But You Don’t Want to Orgasm


Okay, now comes a bit of bad news. But it doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds.You (meaning the woman – of course) don’t want to orgasm. At least not right away. As unfortunate as this may sound - not having an orgasm will help you conceive a girl. Again, the female sperm are tougher than the male sperm. The vagina is naturally acidic and harsh on the sperm. However, during orgasm the vagina becomes much less acidic in order to make a better environment for the sperm. So you don’t want to orgasm because you don’t want to make a better environment that’s more likely to allow the male sperm to live longer.

This also doesn’t mean that you just want the man to have an orgasm first and then you can orgasm immediately after. You should allow the sperm time to either travel past the neck of the cervix (the female sperm) or to die out (the male sperm). However, all hope is not lost. If having an orgasm is that important to you (and why wouldn’t it be?) and/or your partner (there are plenty of men out there that feel a need to make their mate orgasm) then you can douche with water and vinegar just before having sex. This will cause you vagina to be more acidic, which will usually cancel out any good the orgasm will do. With the water and the vinegar you can orgasm if you want, but it’s still not recommended.

The other option you have is to communicate with your mate and decide on another time when you will be able to orgasm without sperm being ejaculated into your cervix. There are any number of ways you can make this happen. And I’m sure you don’t any help coming up with great ways.


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